6 mindfulness practices that can improve your relationship with social media

Social media is everywhere and, currently, it is difficult to not use in some way. While it is a great tool for a number of things, it is important that users of social media maintain a healthy relationship with it and know how to be mindful of their use. The following six tips will help a person enjoy this new way of communicating while maintaining balance:
1. Be social. This seems self-explanatory, but the reason social media exists is to be social and to get to know people and step outside your comfort zone.
2. Keep conversations light. Engaging in fun, light conversation will have a positive impact on your interactions and will help you find friends with shared interests.
3. Don’t bash or bully. Often times, people use social media to be hurtful which only makes the experience negative for themselves, as well as those they are attacking. This is never ok and you shouldn’t initiate or join in on bashing or bullying.
4. Know that it’s not always real life. There are too many instances where people compare themselves to what they perceive is another person’s reality. Know how to look beyond what appears to be and just enjoy social media for what it is – being social.
5. Limit use. Of course, social media is fun, but there needs to be a limit to how much scrolling, commenting, and liking one does.
6. Know when to not engage. Everyone has heard of trolls and how their purposely try to get a response from people which usually creates confrontation. It is important to know how to spot these people and to not engage with them.

The use of social media can be enjoyable as long as each user is responsible and keeps in mind that it’s a shared space for many people and treats it as such.

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