10 ways to have fun at home with the fam

Family bonding time is important. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or even leave the house to make memories and have fun. Here are 10 at-home activities that can bring your family closer together.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected, quality time is a great way to reconnect as a family.

Board Games

Pull out your old board games or try inventing your own. No matter what you decide, a board game and some favorite snacks are all you need for a great night in. You can play a never-ending round of Monopoly or a faster-paced game. Either way, you’ll have a blast.

Food Bar

Food bars are all the rage and can put together with everyone’s help. A baked potato bar, a taco bar, or a salad bar are all fantastic choices. You can the family have fun preparing together, and everyone gets a good meal.

Get Crafty

Pinterest makes everyone a crafter. You can start by searching for projects to make with supplies you have on hand or by theme. Your sure to find something you and the kiddos will have a good time making.

Book Club

Parents always want their kids to read more. Grab a short book that’s appropriate for your little ones. Have everyone in the family read it on their own during the day. After dinner, set up a table with snacks and beverages. You can snack and talk about the book as a family.


Jigsaw puzzles today have gorgeous images. Find a favorite and put it together as a family. Don’t stress out about completing the puzzle in one sitting. You can always return to it later.

Build a Fort

Building blanket forts is one of the best things about being a kid. Build a fort in the living room or a bedroom, crawl under it, and tell stories by flashlight. 


You can easily find age-appropriate coloring books for everyone in the family. Fresh coloring books and new markers are something to celebrate. Your pictures can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Plant a Garden

Take inspiration from popular fairy gardens to create your own. A bag of soil, a few dollar-store pots, and small plants are budget-friendly supplies. Let your kids decorate the pots, add small figurines or toys to their garden, and transfer it outside when the weather allows.

Movie Night

Have a family movie night. Let your children choose movies and snacks. Have everyone put their pajamas on, toss a couple of pillows on the floor, and make a night of it.

Bake a Cake

Decorating the cake is going to be the best part of baking it. Put out bags or bowls of sprinkles, candy, and anything else edible you can think of. Let the kids go wild. 

Family bonding doesn’t mean spending hundreds of dollars. It also doesn’t mean spending a day at the amusement park. You can spend a fantastic day or evening with your family right at home and on a budget.

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