How to Cook Thick Cut Bacon in the Oven

I hate cooking bacon, but I love to eat it. Most of the family does, too. Rather than standing at the stove babysitting the bacon, getting splattered with grease, and cooking just a few slices at a time, I prefer to cook bacon in the oven.

Bacon cooked in the oven turns out absolutely delicious. The process is pretty much the same no matter what, other than adjusting your timing based on how thick your bacon is. Here’s how to cook thick cut bacon in the oven.

  1. Set the oven on broil.
  2. Arrange thick cut bacon on a baking sheet, leaving a bit of space between each piece.
  3. Place the bacon in the oven on the middle rack and immediately turn the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 15 minutes.
  4. Flip the bacon and bake for another 6-9 minutes until it’s as crispy as you like it.

“Zapping” the bacon first with the oven on broil seems to help it cook more evenly. Otherwise it would always be more chewy in the middle.

Not only does cooking thick cut bacon in the oven free up space on your stove top, you can cook a lot more at once. That’s what makes this method so great if you have a large family.

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